Girls Girls Girls...

Our Spring Summer 2016 collection was inspired by women, all women.

Powerful, Sexy, Intellectual, Athletic women.

Subverting the sweatsuit was our starting point for SS16, to showcase a different side to comfort dressing, open seams held together with bows and nappy pins, contrast with beautiful UK made shirts, shorts and a matching kimono to provide the perfect Summer wardrobe for the Silver Spoon Girl.

All of our knitwear is manufactured in Scotland using the highest quality yarns, both Merino and Cashmere. Our Herringbone fabric is knitted and the garments manufactured in the UK. Our fringe and slashed sweats are manufactured using beautiful loopback fabric in Portugal.

This season Headwear remains the base from which all Silver Spoon Attire collections are built.

Featuring handwoven paper sun hats, denim and natural cotton headbands, oversized floppy sun hats come in several fabrics and colourways, from pale and tan denim, to grey marl and inside out loopback, all held with a custom nappy pin and natural tassel.